Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tonsillectomy Time!!

I've had sinus issues since I was about 11, and have been through many medications to treat it. The past couple years. specifically, I have had issues with my actual tonils. This summer (after having a sinus infection) I decided it was time. Ironically enough I couldn't get them out in July when I wanted, so I decided to wait. Then I got my first case of tonsillitis since I was a child at the end of August and ended up being throat sick for over 30 days! Back-to-back!

That being said, I was glad to get these crazy meatballs removed, and I can't wait to be fully recovered and see how it feels to not constantly feel like my throat is closing in!

 Pre-admittance on Monday was about 3 hours and consisted mostly of just sitting and waiting. THey told me today I would be on the fast track so I should arrive at 6:30 for my 8:45 surger. Well. We came in and waited an hour and a half before even starting the process! My dad went with me and sat at my side as we waited to meet with everyone then get rolled back. I ended up taking 2 naps and didn't go into surgery until 9:50am. It was SO fast! They rolled me back, but me on a different table, then I was waking up in recovery!

Post-surgery, I am still feeling rather well! I thought it would be WAY worse, and it still might be, but for now I am just sore. It hurts to talk and swallow..but it's definitely manageable.

I've also been very well taken care of! Like I said earlier, my dad stayed by my side, then my mom has been catering to my liquid/popsicle needs, and Em has been my 'communicator'. Also, my roomie got me the card, popsicles, and pudding...and she ROCKS! Em's girlfriend got me a balloon and flowers...SO sweet! And I even get to take pink medicine!!! woo!

So good! 
I better get back to laying down before I pass out as I am typing again. The meds aren't as scary as I thought they would be too!